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Highlights from Global Youth Day 2024

News March 21, 2024

16 March 2024| St Albans, UK [tedNEWS]

Thousands of Seventh-day Adventist young people worldwide participated in service projects within their communities, towns, and cities during this year’s Global Youth Day (GYD) on 16 March 2024. In the Trans-European Division (TED) alone, over 52 youth-led initiatives took place to demonstrate the love of Jesus through acts of kindness under the theme “Show Up in the Cities.”

In Glasgow, Scotland, young Adventists visited the local emergency services to express appreciation and share cake and presents with them.

These projects showcased creativity and diversity, ranging from serving the homeless and rough sleepers in Birmingham, UK, to organising outdoor free concerts in Wednesbury, UK. Initiatives also included supporting asylum seekers in Wolverhampton, UK, distributing gifts in the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, and serving hot chocolate in Reykjavík, Iceland, among many others. Through these varied acts of kindness, young Adventists illustrated in practical ways that following Jesus can have a real impact.

Since its inception in 2013, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s GYD has touched millions of lives worldwide for Jesus. “A huge thank you goes to every young person and leader who made it possible,” expressed Vanesa Pizzuto, TED Interim Youth Department director. “Thank you for demonstrating your love for the community and for embracing service not just as a one-time event but as a way of life.”

Young man pointing to a "free hot chocolate" sign
In Reykjavík, Iceland, young Adventists supported a local soup kitchen that feeds 200 vulnerable people per day, while also distributing treats and hot chocolate.
The Southwest London Ghana Church team (UK) sporting GYD hoodies, ready to serve the community
The Southwest London Ghana Church team (UK) sporting GYD hoodies, ready to serve the community.


Featured picture: In Norway, young people wear GYD/SABU hoodies to easily identify themselves while conducting outreach activities and evangelism throughout the year.

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