SEC Communicator Enters New Era

Launch of new South England Conference magazine

News April 28, 2022

28 April 2022 | St Albans, UK [tedNEWS with Sorin Petrof]

On 25 of April 2022 the South England Conference (SEC) Communication Department launched the newest edition of its Communicator Magazine. However, it is more than a new, regular edition. It is a completely redesigned publication, a complete transition from print to digital, now as a web-based online platform only.

Communicator 630

“We believe that in this digital age we must create a platform that is more versatile and able to accommodate different types of content,” said Sorin Petrof, SEC Communication Director. “When almost 5 billion users are accessing the Internet via a smartphone, then a mobile-friendly digital platform is a necessity. This is the aim of the new Communicator.”

According to Petrof, the team wanted to create a safe digital space for members to visit and encounter “an uplifting message of hope, while staying culturally relevant.” With the intent of helping members stay connected with the SEC, Petrof emphasized that anyone “with access to any mobile phone, laptop, or gadget with an internet connection, can now tune into mind-provoking articles, fascinating podcasts, and reflective devotions.”

The SEC Communicator has been available in print format since the late 1970s. Explore the new digital Communicator here.

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