Reflections on the 2022-2023 Academic Year with Dr Steve Currow

The Bottom Line? We're here to prepare pastors for ministry.

News July 18, 2023

June 18 2023 | Bracknell, England [Lubica Mueller and David Neal]

As the 2022-2023 Newbold College of Higher Education (NCHIE) academic year has now ended, it is a good time to reflect on what has taken place over the last year. As reported previously in tedNEWS, Newbold has been through going through a process of serious and significant transition. Revisioning its purpose in serving the needs of Trans-European members, what academic changes have taken place? How has campus life been? With the reorientation well under way, what is the significance of the NCHE Awards ceremony which took place on 9 July? And perhaps most important of all, if an individual feels a Holy Spirit ‘prompting’ or a ‘call’  to pastoral ministry, is Newbold the place to study and train?

Who better to ask than the Principal, Dr Steve Currow? In this extended interview conducted immediately after the 9 July Awards ceremony, we caught up Dr Currow to reflect on the Academic year just gone.

If you would like to discover about becoming a student at Newbold and the academic pathways to pastoral ministry, visit the NCHE website for full details.

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