Missionary Strategies in a Secular World: Insights from EUD Leaders

"We need to open our range of preaching to fulfil mission."

News May 10, 2024

10 May 2024| Vimeiro, Portugal [Paulo Macedo with tedNEWS]

The Trans-European Division and Inter-European Divisions (EUD) share a joint mission to reach European people for Christ. Facing the common challenge of reaching secular and post-modern people, tedNEWS shares an EUD report on a recent training event to help understand the mindset of  the many millions of people we are seeking to share Christ with.  

During a Mission Training held in Vimeiro, Portugal, from 15 to 18 April, leaders from the Inter-European Division and guest speakers from around the world convened to explore tools for gaining a deeper understanding of secular and post-modern individuals and methods for accelerating missionary progress across the continent.

In an interview with EUD News, Florian Ristea, the EUD Adventist Mission director, stressed the significance of “adapting the strategy and approach” of mission endeavours, taking into account the culture and mindset of each community. Ristea also underscored the need to “cultivate a disciple-making culture” where church planting lies at the core of the mission.

Echoing Ristea’s sentiments, EUD president Mario Brito encouraged participants to tailor their efforts to align with the needs and communication styles of their audience. “When we try to help others, we ourselves grow. People know when we are concerned with their wellbeing. Secularised individuals are aware of their needs, and many sense a void. There is an opportunity in that void,” remarked Brito.

Navigating Mission in a Changing Europe: Insights from Jonatan Contero

Jonatan Contero, born 40 years ago in Valencia, Spain, is married to Abigail, who shares his dedication to mission. He has studied in Spain, France, and England, and his main focus is sharing faith in secular, contemporary communities. He works for the Centre for Secular and Post-Christian Mission¹ (CSPM), for the Global Mission of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

In an interview with EUD News, Contero explores the goals of CSPM, its mission context and developments in Europe, and the main trends of post-secular and post-Christian societies. He also shares the challenges missionaries face and celebrates the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first official Adventist missionary in Europe.

“Society has changed. We are used to preaching to Christians. We need to open our range of preaching to fulfil mission.”


[The original stories that inspired this article were published on EUD News, shared with permission]

¹The Centre for Secular and Post-Christian Mission (CSPM) exists to assist the Seventh-day Adventist Church in gaining a deeper understanding of secular and post-modern individuals. In doing so, it aims to facilitate genuine encounters between these individuals and God.

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