Kalamos Camp - Greece

60 years of love, laughter, and life-changing memories.

News July 18, 2023

18 July 2023 | Kalamos, Greece [Yannis Vrakas with tedNEWS]

Nestled in Greece’s stunning countryside, just North-East of Athens, lies Kalamos Camp. For 60 years, it has welcomed children and teens from across Greece. And this year was no exception! From 2 – 16 July, 35 kids filled the air with laughter, made friends, and learned about Jesus’ boundless love.

This summer was special for Kalamos, even with a familiar programme and the same serene beach. Friendships deepened, making worship more meaningful, creating unforgettable memories for returning campers. Young adults who once attended as teens served as team leaders, a breath-taking sight! They shared their spiritual gifts, fostering an environment overflowing with love and acceptance.

One heart-warming example is a little girl whose family tradition brought her to Kalamos. She is both the granddaughter and daughter of a former attendee. At the tender age of 10, she joined Kalamos Camp, and her experience was nothing short of wonderful.

Last year, she returned with a dear friend from school, helping to spread the joy and love of Kalamos all around. This year, they both came back, along with two boys from their school. This is a pattern we often see! In fact, 60% of the children attending camp this year are friends of church members, a testament to the stories that have been shared across the community!

Kalamos Camp is one of the ways in which Greek Mission members share the gospel. Our long-term plans and mid-term goals thrive thanks to a culture of love and acceptance. We embrace all individuals, encouraging them to shine with their unique spiritual gifts. The Holy Spirit multiplies our humble efforts, touching hearts beyond imagination.

We couldn’t do this without you! Thanks to pastors, team leaders, volunteers, kitchen staff, donors, and everyone who breathes life into Kalamos Camp. Your unwavering commitment sustains this initiative. Thank you for the 60-plus years of its existence and the many more to come!

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