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Christianity and Christian living are still relevant today

News May 10, 2023

08 May|Budapest, Hungary [Zsombor Henter]

The church media frequently reports about how ‘at-risk’ today’s youth are. Everyone approaches the problem from different angles. Some see the church as lagging behind and irrelevant to the needs of today’s youth. Others point to immorality and the attraction of the surrounding society. Hungarian Union youth leaders, however, believe the solution may be found not on focussing on the problem,  but in creating opportunities for youth to dialogue in constructive interactive seminars tailored to their needs, and with aim of also creating community. They call these events ‘Mind Days.’

The 2023 ‘Mind Day’ took place from 24-26 February, organised by a group of Hungarian Union Youth Ministries leaders. Kristóf Palotás (Youth director) and Dr Ernő Ősz-Farkas (Health Ministries director) worked together to invite young people from all over Hungary and beyond, to the University of Szeged’s Study and Information Centre. “With previous huge interest in this event, we doubled the number of people expected this year – an unprecedented turnout,” leaders remarked.

“Our success, we believe, is due to the relevant topics discussed such as stress, burnout, depression, healing from toxic beliefs, contraception, sex, and alcohol consumption,” leaders said. As the guest experts presented the issues in an accessible and relevant way, “we witnessed youth enthused and inspired, reaffirming that their church is trying to keep in tune with the issues they face, and that Christianity and Christian living are still viable for living today.”

Another aim of the event was to recognise the skills and talents of  Hungarian young professionals (undergraduate and doctoral students) by inviting them to give presentations on topics related to their research area.

“A big warm thank you to the speakers, organisers, and enthusiastic support team of the local church, and to all those who helped to make MIND ’23 a success, ” leaders remarked. “We also give a tremendous ‘thank’ you to Hungarian youth for their attendance and enthusiasm. There will be more ‘Mind Days” in the future.”


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