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Preporod's Publishing Ministry Journey

News May 14, 2024

13 May 2024|Belgrade, Serbia [Mirjana Vukasović with tedNEWS]

Preporod, the Serbian Publishing House, embarked on a significant journey 25 years ago: participating for the first time in the International Book Fair in Belgrade. Seeing it as an opportunity to share spiritual literature with a wider audience, the leaders dedicated time and resources to the event. “Since then, with God’s help, we’ve become regular and well-known participants at the International Belgrade Book Fair,” shared Mirjana Vukasović, Preporod’s Marketing Manager.

Over time, the journey led to publishing leaders broadening their horizons by participating in many book fairs.  “God led us to book fairs in other Serbian cities like Niš and Novi Sad, as well as in Montenegro – in Podgorica and Tuzi. And this year, we ventured to the International Book Fair in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the first time,” explained Vukasović. This wider exposure led to Adventist books receiving greater recognition, with awards such as “best cover design” and “best science book” at the Niš Book Fair and Belgrade Book Fair respectively. “The Serbian scientist Mihajlo Pupin openly acknowledges God in his research,” noted Vukasović, underscoring the significance of receiving an award in this category.

Pile of books at the fair
Books published by Preporod (the Serbian Publishing House) on display at the book fair.

“During these Book Fairs, we invite church members to join us in prayer through our Facebook page,” said Vukasović. The response was enthusiastic, with some members praying daily and others during church services, asking for God’s blessing on the publishing ministry’s work. “Sales doubled at the International Book Fair in Novi Sad,” remarked Vukasović. “But more than that, we shared testimonies with many buyers, listened to their stories, and realised how many people are searching for Him.”

Participating in the International Sarajevo Book Fair for the first time is a completely new venture for the Serbian Publishing House. Despite cultural and religious differences – with many Muslim book fair visitors – the response was heartening. “Church members assisted with transporting books, setting up displays, and even selling them,” said Saša Todoran, Preporod’s Manager and Chief Editor.  “Despite our differences, many books were sold, shared as gifts, and testimonies were exchanged,” he remarked.

Nis Book Fair
Church members assisted with transporting books, setting up displays, and even selling them.

“We’re grateful for God’s guidance in our publishing ministry,” continued Todoran highlighting the transformative power of books to touch hearts and change lives. “It’s heartening to see that publishing ministries aren’t limited to employees of the publishing house, but embrace every church member who can contribute through prayers, support, and sharing the Gospel through literature,” he concluded.

[Photos: courtesy of Mirjana Vukasović]

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Expanding Horizons

Preporod's Publishing Ministry Journey