Evangelism is the Message - Discipleship the journey

Directors for Evangelism (Dr Anthony WagenerSmith) and Discipleship (Dr Kayle B. de Waal) share their vision as how evangelism and discipleship are inseparable

News July 19, 2022

19 July 2022 | St Albans, UK [David Neal]

It is just over a year since, Dr Anthony WagenerSmith and Dr Kayle B. de Waal were voted to serve as the Trans-European Evangelism (TED) and Mission Coordinator, and Disciple Making Coordinator, respectively. The purpose of their appointment is to support the TED’s strategic aim of helping the church grow – through evangelism, mission, and disciple-making, and with a strong Adventist identity.

Due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic WagenerSmith and de Waal were not able fully commence their roles until the early part of 2022. As they have hit the ground running over the past few months – working for the first time within the TED territory, I want to know more about their background, what makes them tick, their understanding of the role they have been called to, and of course, to explain the core connection between disciple-making and mission.

Our extended conversation took place over zoom, during a time when ‘social distancing’ was still the order of the day. Dr de Waal opens the conversation by sharing his ministry story.

Read more: TED Mission and Disciple Making Coordinators appointment.

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