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TED planning to host over 75 evangelism projects for Christ for Europe

News February 24, 2023

24 February | St. Albans, England [Anthony WagenerSmith with tedNEWS]

The officers and directors of the General Conference (GC) based in Silver Spring, Unitied States, have for a while showed a great desire to get directly involved with the work of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Europe. The GC is asking the three European divisions to select locations where evangelistic meetings and other outreach projects across 40 European countries can be conducted during 2023. Along with the Euro-Asia and Inter-European Divisions, the Trans-European Division (TED) will be hosting a number of projects in support of Christ for Europe including both GC personnel as well as other local pastors and evangelists. Some other world divisions are sending their evangelists too.

With an incredibly diverse mix of European cultures from post-Christian urban areas to Orthodox-dominant countries, sharing the gospel requires both boldness and cultural intelligence. While the logistics and details are still being finalised, it is clear that there will be a number of locations and local churches involved. Please pray for the preparation and follow-up of the over 75 TED locations where the gospel will be proclaimed and invitations made to follow Jesus Christ. We want to also pray for the work on the territory of our two European sister divisions. As Elder Ted N. C. Wilson, president of the GC of Seventh-day Adventists shares in the accompanying video invitation, many people today “are turning to spiritual leaders for the answer of the dilemma of suffering and death. And in God’s precious Word He has the answers.”

Daniel Duda, TED president welcomed this initiative to support the work in Europe. “It is part of the TED Strategic emphasis to Extend God’s Love to people of Europe, grow Lifelong Disciples and to Multiply Communities in new places and people groups. We are grateful for the support from the GC to help achieve this aim and we will actively participate in this endeavour with our financial and human resources.”

Download the video here


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