Albanian Mission Women Draw Closer to Christ and Each Other

With new Women's Bible Study initiative

News June 4, 2024

4 June 2024| Berat, Albania [Sarah Henke]

From May 11-12, the Women’s Ministry of the Albanian Mission organised a special retreat for women from all over Albania in the picturesque tourist city of Berat. The theme for the weekend was “Encounter with Jesus”, with Karen Holford, the Trans-European Division (TED) Women, Children, and Family Ministries director.

Holford’s weekend theme invited the women present to explore fresh encounters with Jesus, drawing inspiration from the profound interactions he had with women during his earthly ministry. These encounters demonstrated “acceptance, love, compassion, respect, comfort, forgiveness, and kindness – qualities that Jesus offers to each of us to this day” shared Holford.

Natieli Schäffer, Albanian Mission Women’s Ministry director and event organiser, emphasised the importance of creating an environment conducive to spiritual enrichment, fellowship, and rest.

Women’s Bible Study Project

In addition to the spiritual nourishment offered, the retreat also marked the launch of a new initiative –  the Women’s Bible Study project was introduced during the event. Schäffer explained that this study guide aims to support women’s spiritual growth, promote community, deepen faith, address relevant issues from a biblical perspective, and empower Albanian women to lead, teach, and contribute to the church community’s growth.

Natieli Schäffer shares the Women’s Bible Study project to empower Albanian women to grow the church through teaching and leadership.

Building Friendships Together in Christ

In addition to the structured sessions and discussions, time and space were given for women to simply share their common experiences. Nisha Abraham, for example, shared her emotional experience: “Encounters with Jesus” not only captured the lessons from the Bible about Jesus’ special meetings with faithful women but also provided opportunities for the women present to encounter each other.” Abraham described how wonderful it was to enjoy moments together, making art, singing, and enjoying the delightful tastes of delicious food. For her, the weekend was filled with reminders of God’s unique love for each of His daughters. “I pray we have more opportunities like this one to encourage each other to have even more frequent encounters with God.”

The women’s retreat in Berat not only strengthened spiritual bonds among the participants but also inspired them to seek more frequent encounters with God in their daily lives. These moments of fellowship and reflection undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the lives of the women present, empowering them in their spiritual and community journey.

Bodies, minds and souls were cared for and rejuvenated at the retreat.



[Photos: Courtesy of Sarah Henke]

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