Albanian Delegation Engages in Dialogue with Croatian Adventist Leaders

An opportunity for fostering understanding

News August 3, 2023

25 July | Zagreb, Croatia [Neven Klačmer]

As part of their mid-July tour, delegates from the Office for Relations with Religious Communities of the Republic of Albania met with leaders of different religious communities in Croatia. The Zagreb tour, which included a visit to the Central State Office for Religious Affairs, provided the perfect opportunity for a dialogue with leaders from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The meeting, hosted by Mr Šime Jerčić, Secretary of the Croatian Office of the Committee for Relations with Religious Communities (OCRRC), took place on Thursday, 13 July.

The Albanian delegation consisted of Mr Klodjan Bulku, Chairman of the Albanian Office, as well as Mr Servet Gura and Mr Artan Kosti, board members of the same body. Representing the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Republic of Croatia were Bobo S. Marčeta, President of the Croatian Conference; Neven Klačmer, Secretary of the Croatian Conference; Nebojša Milovanović, Treasurer of the Croatian Conference; and Slavica Marčeta, Director of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency office in Croatia. Also present was Pastor Zlatko Musija, President of the Adriatic Union of Conferences, the entity that oversees the work of the Adventist Church in Albania, Croatia, and Slovenia.

The meeting had an informative nature, providing an opportunity for attendees to openly discuss relations between religious communities in both countries, cooperation opportunities, and the existing legal frameworks. Time was taken to explore the challenges that religious communities face in Croatia. During the meeting, the work of the Adventist Church in Croatia in the fields of education, humanitarian work, and service was highlighted, and appreciation was shared.

In turn, Adventist Church representatives learned about the work of the Office for Relations with Religious Communities in Albania. They gained insights into Albanian attitudes towards religious communities and learned about the Office’s efforts to improve relationships between religious communities and government offices in both countries.

Overall, the meeting served as a valuable platform for fostering understanding and cooperation between religious communities and governmental bodies in Albania and Croatia.

[Photo: courtesy of Neven Klačmer]

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