Albanian Mission Celebrates 32nd Anniversary

Embracing hope

News May 8, 2024

27 April 2024 | Tirana, Albania [Sarah Henke with tedNEWS]

On 27 April, the Albanian Mission celebrated its 32nd anniversary. Members from across the country converged in the bustling capital of Tirana for a special programme, with the theme resonating loudly: ‘Jezusi po vjen sërish!’ – ‘Jesus is coming again!’

The programme was packed with testimonies, songs, and moments of quiet reflection on the history of the church in the country. A specially composed song and a book were released to mark the anniversary.

Music at the Albanian anniversary celebration
Praise and worship time, included a new song by Marko Frasheri, ‘Jezusi Vjen me Lavdinë e Tij’ (Jesus Comes in Glory).

Pastor Marko Frasheri, composer of the song, shared, “Hearing the whole congregation singing the new song in unison, ‘Jezusi Vjen me Lavdinë e Tij’ (Jesus Comes in Glory), was one of the greatest moments and joys of my life.”

The celebration also served as a platform to launch Dennis Smith’s newly translated “40 Days of Prayer to Strengthen Your Relationship with God.” Pastor Gentian Thomollari (Albanian Mission Publishing Ministries director) believes the book will be a catalyst for spiritual revival, helping members “experience God’s miracles through intercessory prayers in small groups, as two churches have already experienced.”

New book released at anniversary celebration, Albania 2024
Gentian Thomollari (Albanian Mission Publishing Ministries director) promoting Dennis Smith’s,”40 Days of Prayer to Strengthen Your Relationship with God”, newly translated into the Albanian language.

Reflecting on the anniversary’s significance, Pastor Delmar Reis, the president of the Albanian Mission, remarked, “When church members and friends gather to celebrate, it’s a special time of unity and praise. It’s also a precious opportunity for connection, reflecting on how God has guided this church over the years.”

Tirana member Klodjana Koleci agrees with Reis. “We laughed, we sang, and we praised God together. Sharing the table with my church family was particularly meaningful. It was a day filled with love, joy, and gratitude, and I feel immensely blessed to have been a part of it.”

Looking to the future, the Albanian Mission is resolved to make this anniversary celebration an annual fixture. This year’s celebration theme focused on the Second Coming of Jesus. It is a theme that reverberates deeply throughout the Mission, serving not only as a testament to the church’s identity, but also as a resounding call to members to embrace their most fervent hope. As Reis emphasised, “Our church was founded by those eagerly anticipating Jesus’ return, and our mission remains steadfast – to spread the good news that Jesus will indeed return soon.”

Church gathers in Albania to celebrate the anniversary
Albanian Mission members and friends gather together in the country’s capital – Tirana, to celebrate 32 years of mission – in recent times.


[Photos: Leandro Becerra].

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