A Celebration of Creation - In Pictures

News October 21, 2022

21 October 2022 | St Albans, UK [David Neal]

This sabbath 22 October, Seventh-day Adventists around the world celebrate the wonders of creation. ‘Creation Sabbath’ provides the opportunity to rejoice, praise, and rest with God in celebrating the creation He made – for us to enjoy. tedNEWS is celebrating in pictures. Here’s our gallery – enjoy!


‘I look up to you…’ (Karen Holford)
‘Sunset on Sea’ (Beverley Koonjul)
‘So you don’t think I’m created cuddly – eh?’ (Dave Wright)


‘Allowed fruit’ (René Larsson)


‘Power of Spring’ – Magolia (René Larsson)


creation sabbath nature
‘Grape Plantation’ – South West, Western Australia. (Henry Stober, Adventist Media Exchange)


‘Easter Praise’ (David Neal)


‘Stop and smell the roses’  (Patrick Johnson)


‘There is no Rock like our God’ Mauritious (‭‭Beverley Koonjul)


‘On top of the world, looking down on creation!’ (Karen Holford)


‘ Remember – the sun is always shining above the clouds’ (Patrick Johnson)


‘Autumn Leaves’ (René Larsson)


‘Morning fog. October’ (Davide Labalestra)


‘Looking over Meteora’ – Greece. Mack Tennyson


‘How can you ever say no to me’ (Karen Holford)






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