Group picture: This summer, ADRA Croatia hosted the third edition of its annual event, the BANOVANIJA23 Summer Games, in one of Croatia's most economically disadvantaged regions – Banija. A total of 155 local children participated in the games, which took place from July 9 to 21.

From Devastation to Inspiration

ADRA Croatia's Summer Games welcomes 155 children


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Anja Kovačić

Nurturing Potential

The Story of Prilaz School in Croatia

From left to right: Mario Sijan (Publishing Director, Croatian Conference), Tihomir Brkic MD, Nevenka Brandt Milovanovic, Miroslav Didara (Editor-in-Chief, Life and Health), and Miso Havran (Health Director, Croatian Conference). The group is seen holding copies of the latest issue of Life and Health ('životi Zdravlje'). Miroslav Didara is also holding a historic copy of the magazine, published in 1932.

Life and Health Celebrates 100 Years

Faithfully sharing hope in Croatia through the printed word

Decision Days, Croatia Hope Channel Campaign 2023

Youtubers and Hope Channel Unite

From screens to souls - An inspiring evangelistic campaign in Croatia

Left to right: Slavica Marčeta, Jadranka Novak and Ana Ivanković

The Heart of the Summer Games

ADRA Croatia's newly renovated Volunteer Centre

ADRA Ukraine winterisation programme

Getting Ready To Face Winter

ADRA Ukraine supports vulnerable families

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