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02 March 2011 Beirut, Lebanon [Amir Ghali, tedNEWS] Al Waad Media Center is witnessing an extraordinary phenomenon shortly after the launch of its broadcast. While the Audience Relations Department has witnessed a surge in the number of received emails and hits on Al Waad website (www.al-waad.tv), something new and unexpected is now taking place.

As viewers began watching the broadcast of Al Waad, they got excited about this new Christian channel. So excited, in fact, that many of them started promoting Al Waad Channel on their own websites.

“To my utter surprise I found so many other websites that have watched Al Waad on TV and are promoting it on their own websites. They’ve put pictures of the broadcast, made links to our website, posted the frequency of how to find Al Waad, and wrote recommendations about the content of this channel,” says Tawfik Megally, Audio Relations Manager at Al Waad Media Center, Beirut Lebanon.

The websites that are encouraging people to watch Al Waad are non-Adventist, some of them are Coptic Orthodox, but mostly they are hosted by Muslim individuals.

“I was amazed that the launch of Al Waad has made such an impact here in the Middle East. Al Waad is being shared by word of mouth, by various websites, by church members, by email, and more”. Comments Megally.

The Middle East and North Africa are experiencing an unprecedented time of change. The waves of freedom are washing over the entire region. Revolutions of young people are emerging to do away with dictatorships and atrocities which have reigned for decades.

Is God giving the Adventist Church a chance to serve and share its end-time message with the people of the Arab world at this particular time? A question that one needs to ponder upon. Is it providential that both Hope Channel and Adventist World Radio have set up studios simultaneously while the entire Middle East and North Africa are pushing for freedom. Would that also include freedom of worship? [tedNEWS]

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