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11 August 2021 | Dublin, Ireland [tedNEWS with Dan Serb]  

The pandemic has taught us that in order to remain relevant and be an effective witness, the Church needs to be (or become) competitive in the digital sphere. With a passion for reaching out to young people, and to the secular or sceptical mind, Irish Mission President Dan Serb has launched a new ministry BelievAble Talks.

BelievAble Talks is specifically aimed towards anyone interested in the often-contentious relationship between religion and science. As such, it is designed as a platform for open and honest dialogue where questions and doubt are welcome.

Pastor Serb states, “The main premise of the initiative is that the beauty of rational and life-enriching thought is found in the process of inquiry and the search for objective truth.”

He plans to produce materials meant to evaluate and give a fair hearing to varying (sometimes opposing) views on spirituality, faith, and science by engaging some of the latest theories and research from relevant fields of study.

BelievAble talks

The first project on this platform is the launch of the docuseries “Beyond the burden of proof”. This seven-part series focuses on faith, truth & reality, religion & violence, cosmology, the theory of evolution, morality, and the future.

Serb states, “The presentations are not sermons or Bible studies. The objective is to provide an ‘open door’ for further inquiry on spiritual matters.

The series launched on Sunday, 1 August with the first episode: The faith imperative. Episodes are being uploaded at intervals of one to two weeks with The truth about reality already available. All episodes can be viewed on the website or on YouTube.

While an initiative of the Irish Mission, the series has been made possible by an international collaboration of funders, advisors, and experts.

“This is a solely Adventist ‘product’ and it has been a very enriching and exciting project to work on thus far,” Serb enthuses. “It is also a clear proof that geographical borders and distance are, nowadays, rendered inconsequential.”

The Trans-European Division Mission board enthusiastically supported the project, alongside sponsorship from the British Union Conference and the Emerald Foundation (USA).

Endorsing the new series, TED President Raafat Kamal writes, “The TED has made a strong commitment to supporting and enhancing online outreach – and to have a series that is very approachable for those of a secular mindset is a wonderful tool for the European mindset.” He also notes the strong benefit it will have for other parts of the world in our increasingly global village.

Valued contributors to the project include:

  • Andre Brink, South Africa (True South Media/Adventist Review)—Producer;
  • Evelyn Tomkelski, Brazil/Ireland—Animation/Graphics/Website design/Social media;
  • Saake Botha, South Africa (Helderberg College, theology student)—Video editing;
  • Jeferson Luiz, Brazil/England—Website programmer;
  • Maddy Voinea, Australia (Bluekino)—Video Intro/BelievAble Talks logo;
  • Stefan Stanciu, England (South England Conference Media)—Studio recording/Subtitles;
  • Script Advisors/Consultants: Dr John Baildam, England (Principal, Newbold College); Dr Alvin Masarira, South Africa; David Neal, England (Editor, Stanborough Press); Dr Kirk Thomas, England (Evangelism Department Director, BUC); Prof John Walton, Scotland;
  • Adrian Bocaneanu, USA/Romania & Oana Serb, Ireland—Romanian translation;
  • Dan Serb, Ireland—Writer/Presenter.

The docuseries can be watched on the BelievAble Talks website and YouTube channel. Once completed it will also be available on www.adventistreview.tv and various online and TV networks.

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