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4 May 2020 | Lillehammer, Norway [Edel Krøll]  

After six Sabbaths of meeting by zoom, the congregation of Lillehammer, Norway longed for a more personal worship experience during lockdown. As with all other churches in Norway, the building was shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their simple solution was drive-in church. On Saturday, 25 April, between 40 and 50 members pulled up in the church carpark pointing their cars towards a temporary platform constructed outside the building.

Lillehammer congregationThe Adventist Church in Lillehammer invited to drive-in worship on the Sabbath, April 25. [Photo: Bent Joro / ADAMS]Members stayed in their cars but tuned their radios to 88.1 FM. With technically knowledgeable people in the congregation, worship went forward without a hitch.

The platform was set up on a trailer. Flowers, green leaves, and white fabric tastefully decorated the railings. Leaders and keyboard pianists led the sing-along, with the words having been sent out to the congregation in advance.

Pastor Joachim Fosse shared both a children's story and a very up-to-date and fine sermon on the most relevant topic imaginable these days: the fear of the uncertain and unknown.

Pastor Fosse was a little worried that only a few would show up for the service as not many had signed up via Facebook. However, he was delighted to see the members' desire to meet, albeit from their own vehicles. “This was a very positive experience in every way,” Fosse reported afterwards.

After weeks in isolated worship, is was wonderful to see an alternative solution and opportunity emerge, encouraging members that they are not alone.

The original version of this article was posted on the Norwegian Union website.

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