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24 April 2020 | Bern, Switzerland [CD-EUDNews/tedNEWS]. 

Often, we have no words that can adequately comfort the grieving. It is just our presence.

“The new #dearcoronavirus #6 is perhaps to most moving to date. It may well make your spine tingle as you watch it,” declares Victor Hulbert, TED Communication director and one of the coordinators of the series #dearcoronavirus.

Many are discovering this really is true! 

"Excellent video," writes Hope Channel's Joe Sloan, Director of International development.

"Thank you so much for this moving message of care and comfort," adds Family therapist and TED Family Ministries director, Karen Holford.

In this new videoclip we hear from two people who have both lost a loved one to this deadly virus – and give a silent tribute to support all those who have suffered loss.

Why the silence?

“Often we have no words that can adequately comfort the grieving,” says Hulbert. “It is just our presence.” This is a virtual hug! It is simply saying, “We are here! We are with you!” As the apostle Paul puts it, it allows us to “mourn with those that mourn” [Romans 12:15].

Corona 6 greeceA silent sign of solidarity in multiple languages“Unfortunately, this coronavirus has taken away the opportunity to physically be in silent presence beside those who suffer the loss of their beloved,” states a regretful Corrado Cozzi, EUD Communication director and another coordinator of the series.

“Sadly, so many are prevented from saying that simple goodbye which, although unheard, frees the soul from the burden of separation,” he states. “This clip simply recognizes this lack and, using simple images, is a tribute to all who suffer loss.

“There really is no appropriate time to say goodbye to a loved one, but the time we are living in now seems rather fit for the ‘inappropriate category’,” writes Carmen Lăiu, a writer for ST Network and Semnele timpului. “At any time, irreplaceable losses pierce our heart, and the process of inner reconstruction excels only in slowness and difficulty. “The new coronavirus is ‘a plague,’ one that steals even the consolation of gestures marking the parting.” [Read the full article on the st.network online magazine.]

Corona 6 coverThe English version of #dearcoronavirus 6 can be watched here and a Facebook version on this Facebook playlist. You will see that the silent tribute may also develop your reading skills as we consciously chose some countries with varied alphabets.

How you can help?

#Dearcoronavirus is a positive message of hope being shared around the world in multiple languages. Be part of this programme of hope by sharing these videos with your circle of friends across your social media platforms. You can watch the whole series on this YouTube playlist.

Your sharing may help someone like this person who had dropped away from faith many years ago:

"Your videos are very emotional, real and strong. Each of these videos make me cry with emotion!!!  All the time. And what I mostly like is the openness of the message that impacts people who do not know God or have wandered away or left the church... You guys are touching differently many hearts."

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