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12 October 2017 | Rome, Italy [Victor Hulbert] Something has changed in Rome!  After 500 years of Reformation and a history where there was no love lost between Luther and the City of Rome, a small square near the Coliseum is now named in his honour.

Luther square with FrancaVictor Hulbert with Franca Zucca at Martin Luther square in Rome.In part two of Reformation Journey, Dejan Stojković and Victor Hulbert hit the tourist trail in Rome to discover the remarkable tale of how the memory of a man seen as a heretic in one part of town is now honoured with a small plaque on a main tourist route.  How did it happen?  More importantly, is faith still alive in a city that thrives on tourism and pilgrimage.

Hulbert and Stojković sit in a street café pondering on the average age of pilgrims – then head off in search of a young Christian.  They are surprised by what they find.

This second programme in the seven-part series focuses on the transition of Luther from searcher, to perceived heretic, to a recognised influence in the development of Europe.  Join the journey in the city about which Luther said, “If there is a hell, Rome is built over it.”


When in RomeReformation Journey runs through October and November highlighting important themes from the Reformation through the eyes of two ‘tourists’.

Reaction to part 1, A Massacre in Paradise, has been overwhelmingly positive. Released via Social Media on Thursday, 4 October, churches reported sharing it with their Sabbath morning congregations.  A Norwegian pastor wrote, “Brilliant. A moving message. Very well done.” Another in the UK wrote, “Well made and inspiring indeed!”

Dr Delyse Steyn, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Communication, Andrews University, wrote, “Congratulations on this release and the very good job that has been done on cinematography, story, lessons to be remembered and the currency of the material. I also underscore the importance of recognising the privilege that we have in being able to read the Bible and carrying on the spirit of those who treasured God's word during the ages.”

That Bible loving spirit will come through in subsequent episodes.

Still to come: 

- Tricky Situations (On Henry VIII, politics and Reformation)
- Keep Asking the Questions (About faith and martyrdom in Oxford)
- Understanding Luther (A visit to Wittenberg brings to light the simple core of Luther’s belief)
- Here I stand!  (A combination of conscience, Scripture and reason make for a life-changing choice)
- Found in Translation (The joy of Scripture through a multitude of Bible translations)

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