A woman praying

Week of prayer resources

Week of prayer can be of tremendous value in fostering the spiritual life of young people in local churches, schools and homes.

8 questions God wants to ask you book cover

8 Questions God Wants to Ask You

A Bible study resource about God’s questions to humanity, that can be used in the context of a week of prayer, in small groups, in spiritual retreats, etc.

Decisive encounters cover

Decisive Encounters

Roberto Badenas draws us into the story of 8 people who encountered Jesus and were never the same after that.

Steps to Discipleship cover

Steps to Discipleship

A 7-week journey of constant seeking, study, and self-discovery that will lead to a closer relationship with God.

disciples in action cover

Disciples in Action

A 5-part series to help you grow on your discipleship journey. Grow – reflect – reveal! The Character of Christ.

The loving father

The Loving Father

A series of Bible studies lessons intended to facilitate small group studies for the youth and anyone interested in learning more about the stories in Luke 15.