Youth Ministries



Disciples in Action

A 5-part series to help you grow on your discipleship journey. Grow – reflect – reveal! The Character of Christ.

Steps to Discipleship

A 7-week journey of constant seeking, study, and self-discovery that will lead to a closer relationship with God.

Let’s Talk About Jesus

Want small group discussion starters? Use these prompts to get your group going.

Decisive Encounter

Roberto Badenas draws us into the story of 8 people who encountered Jesus and were never the same after that.

Forty Days Wild (Troy Fitzgerald)

This book takes you on a 40-day spiritual journey and it’s designed for use with a partner, mentor, or small group looking for spiritual transformation.

Romans Study Guide

Short devotion or commentary on each chapter of the book of Romans written to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.