Sabbath School Bible Study Guide designed for Early-teens (12-14) to incorporate in their daily Bible study.

realtimeThe emphasis of this curriculum is God’s kingdom of grace, being a recruited agent (steward, citizen) of that kingdom, and the battle between it and the kingdom of evil. Being in God’s kingdom requires action—being doers and not just listeners (James 1:22) of how to live as God’s agents on this earth.

The first lesson of each quarter of the two-year cycle is a different portion of the Sermon on the Mount, which is “at once Christ’s inaugural address as King of the kingdom of grace and also the constitution of the kingdom” (Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, 2nd ed., vol. 5, p. 322).
After the first lesson of each quarter, each of the other twelve lessons (or sets of lessons) is about a different challenge, right, or privilege in the “real time” of being an agent of God’s kingdom.

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