Youth Ministries



“I am” video series

A journey exploring whether there’s more to life and the difference that Jesus can make in your life.


Discover God’s character and beauty in 27 extraordinary Bible Studies.

The Hunter Chronicles

The Hunter Chronicles stories, combined with the Hunter’s Handbook study guides represent a bold new step into narrative based Bible exploration for Juniors (10-13 year old).

WORLD CHANGERS Bible Resources

This is a unique set of reading guides combining some of the core truths of the Bible, as well as some practical topics.

Try Jesus

Brand new revised version of the popular Bible studies; new photographs, illustrations and revised text make this series suitable for youth and all new to the Bible.

Christwise Discipleship Guide

ChristWise is a revolutionary baptismal course. Geared toward a variety of learning styles, it is story-based, Christ-centered, interactive, and age-tailored.