These resources have been developed to help university students engage with the narrative of the gospels and introduce their friends to Jesus.

Explore the greatest figure in history with your friends. Examine the evidence. Uncover the life of Jesus Christ. 

Uncover 3The UNCOVER suite of resources consists of Bible studies for seekers, interactive Gospels, topical videos and a wealth of digital resources, all of which have been created by The Christian Unions, to help people engage with the real Jesus.

UNCOVER is very simple to use. The studies are written so that both Christians and those who are seeking discover Jesus together. There are resources on three Gospels; 3 perspectives; 1 story; 1 central figure: Jesus of Nazareth. Choose which narrative you’ll explore: Mark’s fast-paced documentary, John’s personal biography, or Luke’s interview-based account. Explore who Jesus was and what He claimed about His purpose. See for yourself and make up your mind.

Visit UNCOVER website or check out UNCOVER material here.