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Take My Bible

(March 2017) I felt a tap on my shoulder, “Excuse me sir - no pictures, please put your camera away, this is worship time.” Embarrassed, I apologised and quickly put my iPhone away. I was visiting All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, to experience a Sunday evening service, with the resident orchestra leading the praise and worship. All Souls is known globally for championing faithfulness to Scripture. Former Rector, John Stott, immediately prior to entering the pulpit to preach, would kneel in prayer before the congregation. He knew his need, for he was about to explain to those listening, the very Word of God. His example created a culture of respect for Holy Scripture that remains at All Souls to this day. In preparation for worship, in every Pew is placed a Bible, even - on the chair of every orchestral player (see picture).

“Take My Time...” (part 2)

I am lying in the dentist’s chair having root canal treatment. The invasion of a lethal weapon into my mouth, even when frozen up, is an unwelcome guest. Regardless of the drill’s activity, its high-pitched piercing noise causes enough distress. As the drill hits a nerve the anaesthetic missed I flinch with pain. I wonder if the ordeal is ever going to end. Fifteen minutes of surgery seems like eternity. (Be assured, I have been made aware of childbirth.) In another context, 29 years of a happy marriage seems like but a few moments.

Take My Time... part 1

We sing, ‘Nations are angry – by this we do know: Jesus is coming again! It seems we are not the only ones singing from that hymn sheet:“It’s a time of severe geopolitical turbulence,” (Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer). “The World at the start of 2017 feels very different, and much more perilous than it did a year ago,” (Ben Macintyre, The Times). “With Russia becoming more aggressive, China - authoritarian, and America – isolationist, it’s time to ‘Buckle Up’,” says former NATO Supreme Commander Admiral James G. Stavridis.

“Take My Intellect...”

‘Post Truth’, newly defined by Oxford Dictionaries as an adjective, “Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”. Tell me the sky is blue, or the earth is round, but if I don’t feel it to be true, you might just as well talk to the brick wall.

Take my Church?

22 November 2016 | St Albans [David Neal, Stewardship director]  Impossible – because it’s not my church, It’s His church! I’m watching the first episode of the ‘Tell the World’ film with my family. As my adult children ask questions about the background of Himes, Edson & Bates, I find myself moved by the story and wonder why? Is about being my heritage and even identity? I remember as a child my grandfather opening his bible and telling the Daniel story, over and over again - that to be a follower of Christ means taking a stand for what is true, and that Jesus is coming very soon.

Take my Taxes and my Tithe

6 October 2016 | St Albans [David Neal, Stewardship director] First Things 1st is the monthly blog of the newly formed Stewardship Ministries Department of the Trans-European Division. The purpose is to restore and strengthen the principles of biblical stewardship, leading to a strong, mature and joyful faith in Christ for those we serve.

“Faithful stewardship is not a merely optional Christian grace.”

8 September 2016 | St Albans, UK  [David Neal]  “Faithful stewardship is not a merely optional Christian grace.” (Marguerite Shuster) As I read those words in the July edition of Ministry Magazine, the light went on. Every word Marguerite Shuster uses in that one brief line, sums up for me what the Trans-European Division is seeking to do in raising the new Department of Stewardship Ministries.

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