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Newbold College, England – June 2019


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#1 Tihomir Lazić – How to be a Church of and for the 21st Century?

#2 Ján Barna – The Perfect Church: The Roots of Perfectionist Thinking in Adventism and the Need for Balanced Ecclesiology

#3 Daniel Duda – Adventist Identity – A Never-ending Quest

#4 Denis Fortin – Ecumenism and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe in the 21st Century

#5 Wagner Kuhn – Missional Theology in Word and Deed

#6 Artur Stele – The Emerging/Emergent Church Movements: Lessons We Can Learn for Mission


#1 Tihomir Lazić – The Church in the Making: The New Era of Adventist Ecclesiology

#2 Sigve Tonstad – Community and Commission in Revelation

#3 Ján Barna – Money, Church and Community: What Do They Have in Common?

#4 Timo Flink – Reconceptualizing Churches of Revelation: Media Pastor as an Agent of Change

#5 Dorothea Relić – Experiencing the Word: Another Look at Adventist Hermeneutical Practice

Workshop handout


#6 Matija Kovačević – Many Personalities, One Body: Church as a Safe Place and a Thriving Hub for Psychological Diversity

#7 Sigve Tonstad – Sabbath and Adventist Identity

#8 Denis Fortin – Roman Catholicism and the Ecumenical Movement: From Isolation to Driving Force

#9 Tihomir Lazić – Shaping the Adventist identity: Who or what drives us?

#10 Ján Barna – Why the Restrain of Coercive Power is What Defines Adventism

– Why the Restrain of Coercive Power is What Defines Adventism (Adventist Identity Workshop)

#11 Jean-Claude Verrecchia – The 21st Century Cleansing of the Sanctuary (using Hebrews only)

#12 Laszlo Gallusz – Reading Revelation Responsibly Today: Discovering the Big Picture

#13 Elliott Williams – Ellen G. White and Her Significance for the 21st Century

Some Principles for Correctly Interpreting the Writings of Ellen G. White


#14 Wagner Kuhn – Reflecting God’s Character in Your Professional Life: Witnessing in Workplace

#15 Bjørn Ottesen – Why Millennials Leave the Church – and How the Church Might Respond

More extensive bibliography

#16 Adriana Fodor – What Motivates the Unchurched to Join the Church in a Postmodern Culture

#17 Adrian Peck – The Dynamics and Challenges of Acceptance and Mission

#18 Jacques Venter – Incarnational Communities

#19 Simon Martin – Engaging God's Mission Where You Live, Work and Play

#20 Galina Stele – The Most Effective System of Small Groups