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The Nichols Family

Sophia Nicholls and her journey which led to receiving Outstanding Leadership Award

15 October 2020 I Watford, UK [Janice Lendor]   In a recent video interview, Sophia Nicholls tells her story of why she and her husband Nigel, formed the Adventist Special Needs Association (ASNA). The interview was in response to receiving an award for Outstanding Leadership from the South England Conference. She was interviewed by Janice Lendor on behalf of the South England Conference’s Women’s Ministries team. 

Ana and Esther help distribute food with ADRA in the Netherlands

ADRA Works with Churches in the Netherlands to Feed the Community During Pandemic

8 October 2020 Huis ter Heide | Netherlands [Rachel Cabose]  In the Netherlands, where more than 6,000 people have died from the coronavirus according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) partnered with Seventh-day Adventist churches and other charitable organisations to feed hundreds of families affected by the pandemic.

One Vision InterCommunal Harvest Festival

Thankful People

7 October 2020 | Watford, UK [David Neal]  When the Stanborough Park Church family end their annual Harvest Festival, their closing act of worship is to usually sing the rousing hymn, “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come’, reflecting gratitude to God for His continual provision in their lives. As they sing, their eyes focus on the magnificent and colourful display of fruits and vegetables, some even homegrown.

Youth Church in Athens, Greece

A Fresh Start and a New Place for Young People in Athens

6 October 2020 | Athens, Greece [Moses Siwale]  Youth church opens in Athens, Greece, providing a place for young people to meet, share experiences together, nourish spiritual gifts, and develop leadership skills.

Newbold College of Higher Education

Newbold College of Higher Education looks to the future; An urgent need to renew focus on ministry and mission

1 October 2020 | Binfield, UK [David Neal]   For almost 120 years Newbold College of Higher Education (NCHE) has faithfully served the Trans-European Division (TED), preparing ministers and other workers to serve the region and far beyond.

The Racial Pandemic of Ignorance: Black Lives Matter poster

20 Questions on Black Lives Matter

30 September 2020 | Binfield, UK [Helen Pearson] Diversity Seminars at Newbold College of Higher Education have been recorded for some years now. For a variety of reasons, the Q&A sessions, which members of the audience frequently judge as ‘the best part of the evening’, have not been recorded.

A Roma woman with a tarp

From Earthquake to Pandemic: ADRA Brings Hope to Albania Amid Ongoing Health Crisis

28 August 2020 | Tirana, Albania [Rachel Cabose]  Stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic have posed hardships for people around the world. But in Albania, the misery was compounded by the fact that many people had no homes to stay in.

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Come, you who are Humanitarian Workers

19 August 2020 | Brussels, Belgium [João Martins]   There are moments in our collective memories that unanimously come into our minds when we talk about events that affected the course of history during our lifetime. If I quickly think about it, I immediately remember the fall of Berlin Wall, the September 11th, the Southeast Asia Tsunami, or the Iraq wars. In 2020, we are experiencing one of such events: The Global Covid-19 pandemic. For as long as we live, we will never forget this year and the disruption it brought into our lives.