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Showing up for inter-generational communication

17 September 2019 | Bracknell, United Kingdom [Helen Pearson] ‘How do human beings make space for God in their lives?’ was the key question at the heart of the September Diversity Lecture – the first of the 2019 Autumn Semester at Newbold College on 10 September 2019.

Youth Alive piloted in Albania and Lithuania

10 September 2019 | Tirana, Albania [Vanessa dos Anjos with Parengė Dovilė Bakonytė]   How can adolescents and young adults make healthy choices in contemporary society? To discuss the issues 105 youth, young adults and leaders participated in a pilot project Youth Alive, 13 – 18 August 2019 in Tirana Albania, with a further training in Klaipėda, Lithuania, 19-24 August.

Fifty years of Publishing house Znaci vremena

2 September 2019 | Zagreb, Croatia [Mario Šijan] To celebrate half a century of continuous existence and work is no mean feat for a small publishing house in today’s challenging print climate. However, claiming the promise of Philippians 4:13 that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,“ the Znaci vremena Publishing house in Zagreb, Croatia, has just celebrated its fiftieth birthday.

Evangelism training emphasis continues at Newbold

For a second year running, Newbold College of Higher Education has hosted a summer Evangelism Symposium. With the largest groups this summer coming from Estonia and Norway, we share with you this report from the perspective of the Estonian pastors in attendance:

Leaders serve with a smile

1 September 2019 | Ardingly, UK [Audrey Andersson]  Earl Ramharacksingh leading the BUC & TED treasury chefs team [Photos: Victor Hulbert]Food is always an important ingredient in any event. If the food is good, people are happy. If the food is bad, or people are hungry, it does not take long before the complaints start. This has been the case for over 2,000 years. Food distribution was one of the first recorded leadership challenges in the Christian church. Greek widows were being missed out in the daily allocation of food. The twelve apostles said to the other disciples, ‘It is not good for us to wait on tables.’ The recent TED Pathfinder Camporee turned that logic on its head.

Melting Iceland – A New Approach to Mission

30 August 2019 | Reykjavik, Iceland [Eric Louw]  “As the planning began to take shape and focus on Iceland, I didn’t like the idea at all.” Eric Louw, VP of Communications for Generation Youth for Christ [GYC], shares a very personal report of his life-changing experience during a very different mission trip to the highly secular nation of Iceland, a country of some 330,000 people where only a few hundred are connected to the Adventist Church:

1980s alumni reconnect at Newbold

25 August 2019 | Binfield, UK [Kirsty Watkinds/tedNEWS]  What brings a student back to Newbold after a 30+ year gap? Ask the sixty or so alumni and former staff who gathered at Newbold’s 1980s Reunion 2-4 August and they respond enthusiastically.

UNZIP rediscovers the ‘forgotten’ God

23 August 2018 | Novi Sad, Serbia [Victor Hulbert with Tihomir Lazić] Some 500 students at Novi Sad University, Serbia, are discovering positive values and different aspects of themselves through UNZIP, a Public Campus Ministry initiative by Adventist students.