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Poster for Music Contest 'Vision'

“TalenTED” – ‘Vision’ Music Contest

7 January 2021 | St Albans, UK [Paul Lockham]  ‘Vision’ Music Contest, organised by the Trans-European Division’s Youth Ministries department, provided an opportunity for youth around the Division to start the New Year in an atmosphere of joy, celebration, togetherness, and hope. 

Earthquake in Croatia

A powerful earthquake hits central Croatia

30 December 2020 | Zagreb, Croatia [Neven Klačmer]  On Tuesday, 29 December 2020, after a strong 5.2 earthquake the day before, a new 6.2 earthquake, followed by a continuing series of aftershocks, struck central Croatia. The earthquake was also felt strongly in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, as well as the neighbouring countries.

R Kamal

Year-End Message from the TED President

Dear tedNEWS readers, We are ending this year worse off than we started. Many have experienced a loss of job, income, health, friends and loved ones. An invisible virus has reset our focus and rearranged our priorities to love people and live for God.

Christmas programme at a hospice in Hungary.

Hope and Reconciliation in a Hospice

22 November 2020 | Miskolc, Hungary [Paul Lockham]  “Bringing hope and helping people to be reconciled with God” is the ultimate purpose of hospital pastoral ministry while at the same time ensuring that they will not be left alone in the most challenging time of their lives.

Giving a vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccines: Addressing Concerns, Offering Counsel

19 December 2020 | Silver Spring, Maryland, United States [General Conference Department of Health Ministries, General Conference Biblical Research Institute, and Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy and School of Public Health]  Seventh-day Adventists look to the coming of Christ as the great culmination of history and an end of all disease, suffering, and death. At the same time, we have been entrusted with the Adventist health message embodied in and expanded upon by the writings of Ellen White, summarising healthful living through practical and wholistic healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Final clip 2020 - a woman looking out of the window

“Year 2020 Final clip”. It´s not only about COVID!

A message for 2021: Covid may have changed our lives, but not our existence.

Scottish Mission Youth day 2020

Blinders or Blinkers?

07 December 2020 | Scotland [Reneé Joseph]  Engaging. Intriguing. Edifying. Illuminating. These are all words that come to mind to describe the Scottish Mission Youth Day of Fellowship hosted on 21 November 2020. Though the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the face-to-face meeting that is hosted annually, the young people of the Scottish Mission demonstrated their resilience, and adaptation to “the new normal”, by eagerly logging on to the Zoom platform to connect with familiar faces they had missed seeing at church programmes throughout the lockdown.

ADRA Serbia - School on Wheels

ADRA in Serbia Assists Refugees, the Homeless, and Roma Children During Pandemic

26 November 2020 | Belgrade, Serbia [Rachel Cabose] During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Serbia found multiple ways to serve the most vulnerable members of society.