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Pastor Ian Sweeny to Lead Church in British Isles

08 July 2011 Watford, United Kingdom [BUC News] "I am very humbled," Pastor Ian Sweeney told delegates, immediately after being elected to the office of President at the Seventh Quinquennial Session of the British Union Conference on Sunday, 3 July at Stanborough Park church, Watford.

Health Reaches a Summit in the British Isles

08 July 2011 Northamptonshire, United Kingdom [Sharon Platt-McDonald, BUC News] Sandra Golding was effusive: "The Wellness Summit was truly inspirational, thought-provoking and life changing," she said. "The workshops that I attended were extremely beneficial and ... the speakers were excellent and had so much knowledge and experiences to share with the attendees." Others of the delegates agreed stating things like, "This has been a fantastic learning experience. It has to be the best training event I have attended so far," or "I am leaving this Summit equipped to take back health programmes that I can use in my church and community. I am so glad I came."

Adventist Health Workers' Conference in Hungary

05 July 2011 Pecs, Hungary [Robert Csizmadia, tedNEWS] The health professionals of the Hungarian Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Chruch gathered in Pecs, Hungary from 10-13 June 2011 for the forth Christian Health Professionals' Conference. Pastors, physicians, and visitors gathered for the Conference were able to attend a series of presentations by the speakers from the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists (GC) and Trans-European Division (TED).

Religious Liberty Advocates Wary of Europe's Proposed Work-free Sundays

30 June 2011 Brussels, Belgium [APD/ANN] A new alliance promoting fair and balanced work conditions in Europe asked the European Union's Economic and Social Committee last week to declare Sunday a "work-free day" in its new working guidelines for member states. The European Sunday Alliance is a network of 65 civil society organizations, trade unions and churches that agree work-free Sundays and fair working hours would promote healthier families and strengthen social cohesion among EU member states. The alliance's proposal came during a conference on the impact of Sunday work on the health, safety and social integration of European workers, which drew psychologists, social scientists and other experts to Brussels June 20.

Re-booting the Mission Spirit for Christ

27 June 2011 Kopaonik, Serbia [Igor Bosnic, tedNEWS] More than six hundred fifty members and pastors from Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro came together in the ski resort ‘Sunny Peaks’ on the mountain Kopaonik in Serbia, from 14-19 June 2011, to participate in a Mission Conference with the theme ‘In Action for Jesus’. The main objectives of the conference were threefold: spiritual nurture of the members and their further understanding of how to use their spiritual gifts to serve other people, modeling different outreach ministries especially church planting and rebooting the mission spirit with powerful Biblical teachings. In this beautiful setting of the famous mountain Kopaonik, the conference participants, apart from getting spiritual refreshment, had an opportunity to fellowship together and gain physical rest in these beautiful natural surroundings.

New Middle East Studio: Sharing the Good News of Freedom

22 June 2011 Silver Spring, USA [Shelley Nolan Freesland, tedNEWS] This July, Adventist World Radio will begin broadcasting new shortwave programs in Arabic for four hours daily – morning and evening – to listeners countries such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Arabic is spoken by more than 230 million people in the world. It is a high?priority language for AWR, and there have been Arabic broadcasts in existence since AWR was established in 1971. But there are a large number of dialects within the major forms of Arabic. “This new programming in ‘Classical Arabic’ represents a new approach for AWR, which we believe will more effectively serve Arabic listeners in diverse countries,” says AWR senior vice president Greg Scott. The new programs are being produced at a studio that was built this year in the Middle East; in addition to shortwave radio, they will also be available worldwide as podcasts, through awr.org and iTunes.

250 Bibles: 10,000 Bible Studies

21 June 2011 St Albans, United Kingdom [tedNEWS] This week the Quiz28 website at www.quiz28.org, which is based on the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, clocked up its 10,000th completed Bible study. The average time taken to complete each online study is 15 minutes, which means that the site has engaged people from all over the world in some 2,500 hours of Bible study.

Al Waad Receives First Request for Baptism

14 June 2011 Beirut, Lebanon [Amir Ghali, tedNEWS] It was different from all the other reuests which Al Waad (Hope Channel North Africa/Middle East) usually receives. People often write in to request Bibles, or to enroll in a correspondence course, or to ask theological or general questions. This request was different. It was unusual. A few days ago a person (name and country withheld) wrote to Al Waad requesting baptism for him and his family. "Thanks to your channel, I have found Christ and I am now convinced that he is my personal Savior". He writes, "I would like to get baptized along with my family because I now know that to be a Christian I need to get baptized like Jesus did. Please keep this request very confidential because I'm afraid that other people may know. However, I feel peace in my heart."