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One. Life. One. Jesus. One Gathering

Come join us this October for the first One project gathering in Europe, in partnership with the Finnish Union Conference and the Danish Union of Churches. Helsinki, Finland - Oct 31-Nov 1, 2011. The ONE Project is committed to the idea that a Jesus-driven, Jesus-bathed, Jesus-backed, Jesus-led, Jesus-filled, Jesus-powered, all-about-Jesus Adventist Church is the uncompromising directive from our past, the joy of our present, and the hope for our future.

Miracle in the Desert

26 May 2011, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates [Clement Arkangelo, tedNEWS] For the first time in history the Seventh-day Adventist Church owns a building in the Gulf region. Some called it historic, but George Mathew, the Elder of Ras Al Khaimah Adventist Church, called it a miracle seeing the reorganization of the Gulf Section into a Field and the inauguration of the new Seventh-day Adventist Church Centre in Ras Al-Khaumah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The building has church facilities for about 1000 people, offices as well as apartments and guest rooms. It is no less than a miracle of God that the series of events happend in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, took place. This miracle was not only securing the permission and funding for the construction of the Church premises, it was also a historic moment for the Middle East Union when on 20 May 2011, under the leadership of Dr. Kjell Aune, the Gulf Section was reorganized into a Field and held its first session.

Al Waad Leader Meets Prominent Muslim Figures in Jordan

19 May 2011 Amman, Jordan [Amir Ghali, tedNEWS] It was a historic visit. In an endeavor to meet Al Waad’s objective of being a Muslim friendly and a respectful TV channel, a team of professionals from the media center recently went to Amman, Jordan. There, they met prominent Muslim figures in the Jordanian community. The four-day trip included visits to the Jordanian Supreme Court, the University of Islamic Studies, the Institute of Muslim-Christian Dialogue, and the Arab Bridge Institute for Human Rights. “We had the unique privilege of dialoguing with our Muslim friends about ways to build bridges of trust and respect,” says Pastor Abed Dwais, an Adventist pastor in Jordan and the coordinator of the visit.

Statement on Violence Against Homosexuals

18 May 2011 Utrech, the Netherlands [Wim Altink, tedNEWS] The Executive Committee of the Netherlands Union of Seventh-day Adventists, on 17 May 2011 unanimously pronounced itself against violence towards homosexuals, which goes in harmony with the Statement on Human Relations by General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church World Headquarters*. Violence against homosexual men and women – subtle or less subtle – occurs regularly in this country. They are beaten up, harassed, bullied or called names and on occasions their cars are damaged or their houses plastered with hate language. In many places they dare not to be open about being homosexual.

The 2011 Wellness Summit

The British Union Conference Health Ministries Department is organising Wellness Summit from 21 - 26 June, 2011 at De Vere Venues Staverton Park Hotel in Staverton, Northamptonshire. The varieties of courses covering the topics such as: 'Addictions - Breaking Free from Harmful Habits', 'Domestic Violence', 'Forgive to Live', 'Health Expo Training', 'Weight Management', 'Youth Alive' and many more will be presented by highly qualified speakers. For more information about the topics and the registration, please click here. [tedNEWS]

New Principal Appointed at Newbold College

08 May 2011 St Albans, UK [Miroslav Pujic, tedNEWS] In its meeting on Sunday, the 8th of May, 2011, the Newbold College Board appointed Dr Philip R Brown from Australia to serve as the new principal at Newbold College. Brown is currently a vice-president at Avondale College in Australia, with particular responsibility for learning and teaching. He brings exceptional academic qualifications including an earned doctoral degree with specialisation in educational administration and leadership, which underpins all the qualities required in fulfilling the key responsibilities of this senior position. He is the 31st principal in Newbold's 110-year history.

Royal Wedding Endorsement by Jamaica's Governor General

05 May 2011, London United Kingdom [Derek Morrison, BUC NEWS] Pomp, pageantry and praise – not just at last Friday's Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey, but continued the next day at a special Day of Fellowship at Hampstead Adventist church with Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General of Jamaica. Themed 'The Royal Wedding', the day's proceedings featured stirring and appealing musical input from the London Male Voice Choir, the Millennium Brass Ensemble, and 14-year-old Tennae Drysdale. A well-ordered procession and guard of honour mounted by Pathfinders contributed to a sense of splendour and occasion. With well over 500 people packing the sanctuary for the extended morning service, local minister Humphrey Walters delivered the morning's address based on the parable of the wedding garment, taking his cue from the royal wedding service.

Nine Young People Baptised in Iceland

03 May 2011 Reykjavik, Iceland [Eric Gudmundsson, tedNEWS] Baptisms are not really about numbers and they should be used only carefully as a measurement of church growth. We all know that baptism as such is only one of many contributing factors to a thriving, let alone a blooming church. Recently, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Iceland could celebrate nine baptisms within two weeks. This may not sound so spectacular in regions where hundreds are baptised even in one day but here in Iceland, it certainly does.