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28 April 2021 | Zagreb, Croatia [Drago Mojzeš]

From 16 - 18 April 2021, the Adriatic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (AUC) organised a Bible conference entitled 'Contemporary Theological Challenges'.

Every evening a biblical message was presented that referred to the time in which we live today and where we receive a lot of information that may not be in harmony with the Bible. Using the advantages of today's technology, several hundred church members and church leaders mainly from Albania, Slovenia and Croatia, but also fruther afield attended the lectures with great interest.

In a series of seven studies three lecturers, pastors and professors Dr Daniel Ranisavljević (France), Dr Igor Lorencin (Friedensau, Germany), and Dr Ante Jerončić (Andrews University, USA), focused on the challenges with which both the Church and individuals face at present. They have explained God’s age-old plan of salvation and what it means to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord: as the Lord of our thoughts, our desires, and our activities.The plan of salvation was furhter emphasised as a free gift available to all who accept God’s love and His perfect plan.

Lastly, it was concluded that the key for a constant relationship and strengthening faith in God is listening to God through His Word and His creative works as well as learning to be patient and to achieve a unique sense of fellowship in cordial relationship with others in the church community.

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