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22 November 2019 | Grantham, UK [tedNEWS/BUC Communications] 

Sometimes events overtake us and we have to respond – and even engage! With a General Election in the UK on Thursday, 12 December, Adventist leaders have chosen to rapidly prepare guidance for the general public as they consider their election options.

FOCUS General Election UKThat guidance is available in Focus, the Church’s outreach magazine, and is designed with a very specific, relevant purpose, states the editor, David Neal. His aim is “to help church members and their friends that we serve to give a Spirit-filled context to the conversation of our time.”

Focus is and has been the signature faith-sharing magazine of Seventh-day Adventists in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the best part of forty years. Each edition, living true to its name, ‘focuses’ on an everyday theme, with the aim of providing a spiritual context along with an explanation of what Adventists believe.

Published quarterly by the Stanborough Press for the British Union Conference, the current edition, prepared and published in record time as a ‘just in time’ response to the current General Election campaign and asks the question, ‘What’s the Big Picture?’

Adventists do not generally ‘respond to’ or ‘engage in’ anything within the realm of national or international politics and the magazine is not aimed at supporting any political agenda. It is aiming to make people think.

Neal notes the current reality that UK citizens are now more politically stirred than at any time for half a century. “As they see the consequence of their world changing due to the Brexit vote, Brexit has become the defining word of the times, becoming ever more polarised in conversation.”

Election steve houghton burnett Ak63QkdaGsU unsplash 1600Photo credit: Steve Houghton Burnett. UnsplashNeal adds, “Have we nothing to say? Can our words soothe? What if we could inject a positive, non-partisan, hope-filled message into the conversation of the moment? How do inspired ‘ancient words’ provide the big picture? Do we have a message for the moment?”

Keeping the content local and relevant, eleven UK-based writers provoke, challenge, and share the God perspective with clarity. The result – a resource for members who, in the name of Christ, wish to turn an everyday conversation into Good News. Look inside and discover both rules and prayers of engagement, from the armchair to the ballot box.

"One of the many mores held by the British is that one should not discuss politics or religion around the dining table," states Pastor Ian Sweeney, President of the Adventist Church in the UK and Ireland. Encouraging positive engagment he states, "the articles in this Focus magazine are well worth discussing around the family dining table as well as with neighbours and friends.

The print magazine is available to all members in the UK and Ireland and extra copies may be purchased from the Stanborough Press.

Read or download the electronic version here.

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