Ministerial Association




Statistics showing membership losses can make depressing reading. Patrick Johnson introduces a book that can perhaps begin to address the problem.

Practical Theology

Some of the issues pastors often face can leave you wondering where to start in finding a solution. Patrick Johnson shares a simple but effective 4-step process for working through any practical theological question.

The challenge of preaching

Strengthening biblical preaching is the foundation for growing strong and effective churches.  Patrick Johsnson shares how John Stott's book helps us revisit some basic principles to keep us at our preaching best. 

Leading on empty

Is your ministry routine filling you with energy or draining you of life?  Patrick Johnson recommends a book that helps us discover if we’re heading for burnout and how we can move towards flourishing. 

Introducing 60 Seconds Inspirations

Someone has made the observation that during our theological training, we pastors spend most of our time reading and being inspired, yet when we get out into ministry we stop reading and our inspiration begins to wane.