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live:kind is the 2019 TED initiative to celebrate 100 years of family ministries in the Seventh-day Adventist church. The initiative invites everyone in your churches and families to commit to 100 acts of kindness to people outside their home.

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live:kind invites everyone in your churches and families to commit to 100 acts of kindness to people outside their home in 2019. That is about one act of kindness a week for people at work, strangers, neighbours, etc. and one act of kindness a week for people in your local church, especially those you don’t know so well. Also, its a great a idea to do at least one act of kindness a day for every person in your home! 


Why kindness? Kindness creates a healthy foundation for every relationship. When we are kind to others it is good for our physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. When people are kind to each other there are fewer arguments. And when we are kind to each other, people can see and feel God’s love in action. 


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Download the children's colouring page here



Listening kindly


In a time of crisis, it can be a gift of incredible kindness to call someone and just listen to them, especially if they are alone, distressed, frightened and anxious. Here are some resources to sharpen your listening skills and infuse them with kindness. There are some handouts and the recording of a live Zoom seminar on listening skills created by Karen Holford (family therapist) and Helgi Jónssen (our health director and psychiatrist). It's not a polished presentation, but it will help you to be a channel of God's love when you are listening to others in crisis. We hope that you find this useful. If you would like to translate these materials, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to access the original non-pdf files.

Homework: Practising your listening skills.
Listening skills for trained listeners
Sample listening carefully script
Suicide assessment
Telephone listening skills Training

Listening Well - training:

This project is being developed. Come back and check this space for kindness journal pages, kindness devotionals and inspiration, stories of kindness, children’s live:kind log page, and much more

Family Ministries

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