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Making Sabbath a Delight


Sabbath is an amazing gift from God! Especially in the 21st Century where families are busy and more distracted and disconnected than ever before.


Sabbaths are a special opportunity for families to spend time together, reconnecting, discovering nature, exploring their faith, helping others, and enjoying fun and creative Bible activities.


Here are some resources to help you make Sabbath a delight for your family.


Read an article about making Sabbath a delight:

A Delightful day


Read a book:
100 creative activies for sabbath100 Creative Activities for Sabbath by Karen Holford 

In classic Holford style, Karen piles on the creativity with outdoor activities, such as “Pond-Dipping,” “Bug Safari,” “Art Galleries,” and “Prayer Walking.” Then she keeps it coming with indoor activities like “Bible Video Clip Quiz,” “Scripture Sculptures,” “Spiritual Family Tree,” and “Musical Mimes.” Each activity has a simple explanation, a list of what you will need, what you do, things to talk about, and alternative ideas to help customize the activity.

For parents and caregivers who want their children to treasure our Sabbath heritage, yet struggle with the challenges of modern living, this book is a cause for rejoicing!


Download an app: 
Sabbath ideas


Download a list of Sabbath activities and ideas written by a group of TED Family Ministries Leaders


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