1 November 2021

Free webinar

Making friends with frustration

Frustration exists at every stage of life. Since birth, many of us have been taught to suppress our feelings of frustration, such as anger or sadness, and we have never learned how to deal with frustration in an appropriate way. In this webinar Julia Wanitschek explores the origin of frustration; looks at the frustration cycle, and what suppressing frustration may lead to. Julia considers the opportunities frustration may present, and also how we can learn to live with it in a constructive way.

In recent years, Julia has been studying attachment theory, the psychological development of children and adults, and other related topics. In cooperation with four other moms, Julia started the podcast inBindung on Christian parenting, which has developed an online community of Christian parents, with a following from across the world.

Julia Wanitschek is an English and French teacher who lives in Germany with her husband and their two children.

Monday, 1 November 2021
18.00-19.00 GMT / 19.00-20.00 CET / 20.00-21.00 EET

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