Discipleship Coaching

The VISION for the Discipleship Coach is that they will assist the Trans-European Division and specific geographical areas within the TED to fulfil the Mission of the Church in providing training of ministers and lay leaders and resources on request and in cooperation with the TED and Union leadership to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached communities/people groups.

The PURPOSE of the Discipleship Coach is to support local pastors, elders, pioneers, supporting ministries, church members, heads of institutions and leaders in providing, a) mission training, b) designing and modelling new suitable mission initiatives, c) applying to the TED/GC for funding and, d) reporting on funded projects.

Currently two Discipleship coaches are serving within the TED:

Simon Martin is working principally with the Scandinavian Unions;

Nikolaus Satelmajer is working principally within the Adriatic and South-East European Unions.

Their Role

  • Give assistance to the Unions (and their conferences) in developing plans and action steps that provide long-term and substantial growth of the Church within the context of the TED / Union strategic plans.

  • Promote the mission of the Church by training workers and church members, and providing counsel to Division and Union church leaders as required.

  • Liaise with all departmental counterparts at the Division and Unions to maintain a programme that is efficient for the mission of the Church.

  • Initiate planning, establish goals, design projects, implement action plans, and evaluate effectiveness for nurture and outreach in an advisory capacity as recommended by the TED and Unions.

  • Identify key people for coaching, collaboration and expansion of opportunities to achieve mission objectives.

  • Design and model community projects that seek to connect local congregations with the wider community.

  • Work with other leaders to identify curriculum and other available key resources to help trainees obtain appropriate resources for study and growth.

Current reports of activities

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