GC Mission Impact Fund


  • Local Field and Union must approve before submitting application, even though financial participation is not mandatory.

Purpose of Fund

  • I Will Go!: The General Conference strategy “I Will Go!” envisions every level of the
    church—including local churches—to be actively engaged in expressing its KPI’s, or “key
    performance indicators”. These can be viewed at iwillgo2020.org.
  • Alignment of Financial Resources with KPI’s: The General Conference created this fund to allocate financial resources specifically to local churches or schools who are doing frontline mission that fulfil one or more GC KPI’s.
  • Project Examples: In addition to existing churches, other applications could be for church planting, school planting (or evangelism through an existing school), and other frontline projects. For more info regarding the fund’s purpose and past examples, visit willplan.org/services/missionimpactfund.
  • Financial Amounts: As a general estimate, applications should range from between $20,000 – $200,000 and can be spread out over two years.

Process after Application Submission

  • TED Mission Board Will Recommend Three Projects: At a following TED Mission Board after the 30 March deadline, a maximum of three projects will be voted to recommend to the General Conference for consideration. Applicants will be informed if any additional information is needed before the TED Mission Board meets, as well as if their project will be recommended or not.
  • GC Votes Mission Impact Projects: The relevant GC board takes recommendations from TED and votes which projects it will approve.
  • Receiving funds: Once a project is approved, the GC credits the funds to the TED, which credits funds to the Union, and local conference or mission (where relevant) before reaching the local church. For multi-year projects, it is within the discretion of the TED to release partial funds year by year.
  • Report: A mission and financial report – to be provided – must be completed at the end of each project.