Moments from Sinai

Moments from Sinai 'Moments from Sinai' is special series of videos filmed in the Sinai area of Egypt. A combined production of Hope Channel Norway and the TED Communication department, the series starts with a thrilling documentary filmed inside the walls of St Catherine's Monastery, and then continues with the series of shirter clips exploring various aspects of the biblical narrative.

You can watch the series on our YouTube channel.



uncertainity the project‘Uncertainty’ series is a project of the GAiN Europe network. The series is comprised of five documentaries will share the stories of ten individuals from across the world who have had to deal with challenging life choices – whether facing a life sentence for murder, the challenges of employment, or seeking what the future holds as a refugee, the desperate hope to be able to start a family, or the issue of facing the future with a debilitating illness. The stories are real, but so is the hope that they bring into an uncertain world.

Additionally, two feature films, a series of twenty short video clips, and a book will accompany the series.

For more information and to watch the films, visit the Uncertainty, the project website.

Israel Reflections

Isreal Reflections with Victor Hulbert

'Israel Reflections' is a mini-series released on YouTube and Facebook with Victor Hulbert recording short devotional thoughts at key locations in the life of Jesus and other Bible characters. 

You can watch the 17 episodes of the series on the TED YouTube channel.


'Fathers' is a warm-hearted documentary involving an international team with contributions ranging from Cuba to Australia. Six fathers participated in the documentary showing how different and yet how similar fathers are all over the world. The caring attitude of fathers towards their children, as portrayed in the film, can help to encourage a positive view of the role of fathers in the lives of their children, no matter which culture they belong to.

Watch 'Fathers' here:

Fathers The Movie from Hope Media Europe on Vimeo.

Reformation Journey

reformation journey keep asking the questions351x197Visit our Reformation Journey page for a series of short social media videos that, in an engaging style, cover some of the main themes of the Reformation, making them relevant to a 21st-century audience.

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