Guidelines for tedNEWS Reporting and Photography. Also useful as a general guide for all newswriting - simple ideas that will help you get your story published.

10 Commandments for writers of church website news. (Courtesy Pacific Union Conference).

Church Notice Boards. Make sure the sign outside your church is actually telling the public what you think it is telling them! Some design tips to think about. [Courtesy BUC]

Copyright free photos and music. How can I stay legal but get the photos and music I need for my website or media project? The TED provides you with a list of helpful resources that will keep you safe, legal, and out of court. Download the handout.

"Facebook Faith: Social Networking in a Faith Community" A helpful article by Dr Karsten & Pastor Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist – both experts in the internet and social networking.

Live streaming church services. A helpful booklet produced by the South England Conference Communication department, sharing how, why and if it is appropriate to stream your church service. (pdf)

Filming with a mobile phone. Almost all modern smart phones will take good video footage. But here is an equipment list that may help you turn ‘good’ into ‘excellent’. (pdf) 

Local Church Communication audit.  A list of suggestions to help a local congregation be more open and understandable to those who may pass by or visit from the local community. (Word document)

Media Response Strategy for ministers and church members responding to media and journalist enquiries. (pdf) Download the handout.

Permission for Photos. Do I need permission to publish my photo on a website or in a church publication? (Courtesy PUC) These guidelines are for the USA but are similar to current guidance for most European countries.

Role of the Communication Secretary. (Word Document) Download the handout.

Style Guide. An authoritiative document on news writing and reporting including a glossary of terms making Adventism understandable to an external audience. Updated in 2015 by ANN (Adventist News Network). 

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