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dear coronavirus screen shot episode 4 155"Dear Coronavirus" Videos Circle the World

Adventist communication experts from different worldwide church divisions work together to share messages of hope through a series of 12 #DearCoronavirus videos shown globally on social media/viewing platforms.

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e Honour Graphicks Silver Black Screen 155x87

In the United Kingdom, Lockdown Increases Pathfinders’ E-Honours Offerings

Since the beginning of the lockdown in 2020, Pathfinder Clubs have increased eHonours training options, including such skills as Podcasting, Media Broadcast Ministry, and Mobile Technology.

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vajlefjord picnic

Happy reunion for Vejlefjord children

A joyous and long-awaited reunion for parents and children of Vajlefjord church during an informal Sabbath picnic.

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adventist psychiatrist discusses how to understand prevent fanaticism

Lockdown, fanaticism, and holistic balance

What is so unhealthy about fanaticism?

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Executive Committee 2020 zoom meeting 155

TED reschedule major events following Covid-19

Youth Congress and the European Pastors’ Council will both move one year later to help with financial and logistic planning.

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Fredys family
ADRA states ‘We are WITH YOU!’ providing pandemic support

There are more than 70 million internally displaced people worldwide, seeking asylum, or living as refugees in other countries. In the face of this unprecedented humanitarian crisis, ADRA is again marking World Refugee Sabbath, 20 June, with a call to action.

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ADRA Slovenia donates a computer

ADRA helping students achieve during school closures

ADRA is helping deprived families who otherwise fall behind with their schoolwork.

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dearcoronavirus12 bench

#dearcoronavirus 12: This is our final message!

In the final #dearcoronavirus video, the emptiness this virus brings is challenged against the resilience of the human spirit.

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Blackmer Oslo-Hannah's online cooking class

Outside-the-Box Ministry

Delfred and Hannah Onde, missionaries in Norway, are finding and starting new methods of ministry during the lockdown.

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Uncertanty trailer

Uncertainty - the movie, premiers 5 June

5 June 2020 | St Albans / Bern [EUD/tedNEWS] GAiN Europe is delighted to announce the premiere of the film Uncertainty, a film about fears, life decisions, and faith.

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dearcoronavirus racism

Racism versus justice, mercy and humility.
The video #dearcoronavirus 11 addresses a current and burning issue. When the GAiN* Europe leadership team chose the subject of racism and discrimination for the 11th #dearcoronavirus video clip, they had no idea of the horrific headline that would appear near the top of this week’s news agenda.

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words of hope 11 - art gallery
Words of Hope 11 shares joy, thankfulness and opportunity

If you want real thanks, then look to the children. Trans-European Division office staff have discovered that ‘office zoom worship’ has sometimes turned into ‘family worship’ as young children snuggle up to parents during worship time. Those staff children have now created a montage of thankfulness – and in Words of Hope 11, Executive Secretary Audrey Andersson explains why.

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Dear Coronavirus 10 - a man running
Latest #dearcoronavirus clip focused on anxiety

#dearcoronavirus 10 tackles the issue of anxiety head-on with a message of hope, highlighting needs, sometimes in a humorous way, but offering suggestions as well. 

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Uncertainty sonscreen

Graduation film project highlights reality of ‘Uncertainty’

A short documentary from North America has brought real meaning to the word 'uncertainty'. Telling the hopes and fears of high school, college, and university graduates.

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Stanborough park church

Sabbath, church, and mission: The post-lockdown view

What should church be like after lockdown? Has an ‘enforced’ rest modified the way we look at Sabbath? How about mission? Will we do it differently?

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TED Spring Meetings 2020

Working together in difficult times and still open for business: TED Spring Meetings

48 participants of the Trans-European Division Spring Meetings, who joined by zoom for an intense but productive morning on Monday, 18 May.

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Myanmar Frank Spangler

ADRA Norway provides learning solutions despite closed schools

With schools closed in Myanmar, ADRA Norway provides vocational e-learning and training.

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dearcoronavirus unmasked

Dearcoronavirus 09: Unmasked!

The latest #dearcoronavirus clip #9 asks about your passionate dream and stands in solidarity with all those struggling in the unfortunate world of Coronavirus.

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Care in a Crisis: Reflections from a ‘returned’ Intensive Care Nurse

“These are as far from normal times as I have ever experienced in 40 years working for the NHS!” says Moira Surridge.

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Mateo filming his story about Apple-pie

Improvisation the key to video success in lockdown

Improvisation and innovation have become key words for the Thomollari family – including their children.

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#dearmum – this is your special day

The latest #dearcoronavirus clip #8 is dedicated to the mothers. 

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GAiN Europe cover pic

GAiN Europe Uncertainty series to launch 30 May

Delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic, the series of two films, five documentaries, video clips and a book will premiere on Saturday, 30 May to offer hope in an uncertain world throughout the summer months.

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Dr Helgi Jonsson - COVID overload

COVID overload – ‘I’ve heard too much!’

Are we suffering COVID overload? Dr Helgi Jónsson believes we might – and offers advice on how to protect ourselves. 

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kristina tripkovic unsplash
Abuse in lockdown – and how to help

Lockdown has brought with it all kinds of relational challenges including extreme loneliness, getting on each other’s nerves, and figuring out how to do work, home school and family life within four small walls. But probably the most worrying are reports that began to emerge from some of the charities and organisations caring for victims of domestic abuse.

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Lillehammer congregation

Tired of zoom? Try drive-in Church

The Adventist Church in Lillehammer invited to drive-in worship on the Sabbath, April 25.

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ADRA cover paraquay

Adventist Development and Relief Agency steps up global COVID-19 Operations

ADRA has launched COVID-19 response projects in 37 countries to support frontline workers, low-income families, the elderly, and people facing lay-offs as a result of the crisis.

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Coronavirus 7

The big thank you! #dearcoronavirus 7

How big a thank you have you said this week? My neighbour works in a local supermarket. She told me how good it felt to be thanked and to feel valued during this crisis. 

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Manca 155x87
My name is Manca. I am a nurse, and this is my story during the COVID-19.

Manca is both a nurse in a care home and a young mother. She was recently the recipient of an ADRA Slovenia care package – and shared her story.

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words of hope 7
TED Words of Hope 7 focuses on children

TED Words of Hope focuses on what you are doing online with children in worship – as well as a very thoughtful piece from Helgi Jónsson who takes a reflective look at where we might want to be – as individuals and a church – when we finally come out of this period of isolation.


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Corona 6 cover 155x87Dear Coronavirus 6: Supporting Those with Loss

Often, we have no words that can adequately comfort the grieving. It is just our presence. “The new #dearcoronavirus #6 is perhaps to most moving to date. It may well make your spine tingle as you watch it.”

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Hosanna festival poster
Church of gifts and talents. Hosanna ONLINE festival in Poland.

The annual Hosanna Festival in Poland turned a potential Coronavirus disaster into an impressive online success.

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Youth alive logoYouth alive pilot programmes vital in Albania & Lithuania

‘Youth Alive’ is a practical reality in Albania and Lithuania with two pilot projects running since training last summer.

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ST network
ST.NETWORK: enhancing mission through networking in a secular world

ST.Network (The Signs of the Times European Network) introduces itself as an outlet for Christian analysis and opinion designed as especially relevant to a reading audience. It also welcomes all readers willing to discover the real benefits of developing a carefully informed outlook on life.

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Communion jon tyson unsplash

The Lord's Supper in Lockdown

"We did our best to stay true – even during a national lock down – to our Christian calling to “proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” (1 Cor 11:26). This call has not been cancelled, not even now."

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Great friday cover

Great Friday in Greece

In the Orthodox tradition, they call it Great Friday. For them, this weekend is Easter, and for Yannis Vrakas in Greece, this means a time to reflect.

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ADRA We are all in this together

ADRA Europe issues statement on COVID-19 pandemic: WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER

The statement states that “as we confront this pandemic crisis with our partners, we are serving on the front lines by providing shelter and food for the homeless, supporting healthcare and mental health services, providing education, and helping vulnerable seniors, youth, children and families across the world.”

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hands by giselaatje pixabay

Living our values in Lockdown

iCOR, the intergenerational church of refuge, is about Church becoming a safe, community-oriented, spiritual environment for people of all ages. How does that work in a time of lockdown?

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a woman listening on the phone

Listening Well in a Crisis

How can we listen better when people are distressed? That is a big question for which we need answers as people deal with the myriad issues related to social isolation, illness, mental health and the financial pressures caused by the current COVID-19 situation.

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dear coronavirus lonliness

Challenging Loneliness. Challenging coronavirus. Providing hope.

With the strong ‘stay at home’ message from governments and authorities, loneliness can be one of the negative side effects of this Coronavirus pandemic. 

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ADRA Slovenia health basket

ADRA Slovenia offers volunteer training and ‘healthy baskets’ during COVID-19 outbreak

ADRA Slovenia offers training to volunteers and practical help to the elderly and to healthcare workers.

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e Honour Graphicks Silver Black Screen

Youth and Pathfinder Ministries Keeping One Step Ahead across the British Isles

British Union Conference Youth Ministries has undergone a major change to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.

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crafts by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels
Resourcing Children and Parents during lockdown

Children's Ministries leaders around the TED are putting together resources for children and parents to use in lockdown.

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pedro interview

I talked to 10 people who are sick with COVID-19

Norel Iocab, a pastor and Semnele Timpului editor in chief, interviews 10 people who have been infected with COVID-19.

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webkirke website

Web church in Denmark reaching those they never reached before

Coronavirus in Denmark has encoureged an entire rethink of web-church and they have now started producing weekly programmes on

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Coronavirus 3 - pedro torres
Coronavirus victims fight back in the latest #dearcoronavirus video

Most of us know somebody with coronavirus or, perhaps, have it ourselves. Sadly, some of us know friends or family who have lost the battle.

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The Worst That Could Happen
The worst that could happen

A Scandinavian doctor with broad experience in international humanitarian work wrote a poem and drew a sketch that reflects his experience while serving in another part of the world.

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TED staff video screenshot
Physically separated but ‘still together’, TED staff post defiant message

Trans-European Division staff may be in lockdown, working from home and radically needing to adjust their routines, but this week they sent out a very strong message that ‘we are still together’.

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Marijan Plackovics baptism
Baptism in Croatia plea despite Coronavirus Lockdown

No viral pandemic was going to stop one man from making public his commitment to Christ.

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Tiny particle creating huge problems

It is hard to believe that something so small can cause so much damage! Over recent weeks, the news has been flooded with reports about COVID-19 and the huge problems this pandemic is creating across the world. But how much do you know about the miniscule culprit responsible for all the chaos?

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caleb woods unsplash

Helping children (and others) with viral anxiety

The more children feel loved, safe, and happy, the less anxious they’ll be. Even in hard times, there are lots of things you can do in your own home to help your children and teenagers feel much less anxious.

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Dear grandparents

Dear Grandparents – a message of love from around the world

Fifteen children from around the world share a message of love to their grandparents.

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olivia snow - unsplash

Prayer without borders – defying social isolation

Mervi Kalmus, a pastor from Estonia, shares how she has overturned the feelings of complete uselessness by having to self-isolate into a ministry that reaches beyond the borders of her home. 

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church roof with a cross

Caring for community even in lockdown – churches across Europe respond

Adventist Churches and institutions across the Trans-European Division are working hard to support members, students, and community during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Athens Greece
The value of one life. Ethical decisions in a time of crisis

Yannis Vrakas, a pastor in Greece, reflects on the ethical implications of the current coronavirus lockdown affecting his country and large parts of Europe.

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Gabor live stream155x87

Hungarian pastor cares for marriages during coronavirus isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a threat to our physical health, but equally a challenge for our emotional and relational lives. As the quarantine in China loosened, people went in unusual numbers to the offices to apply for divorce

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ryan de hamer unsplash 155x87

General Conference Session postponed, downsized

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic the General Conference Session (GC Session) of the Seventh-day Adventist World church scheduled for this summer is now rescheduled for May 2021 in what will be a smaller and tighter event.

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dear corona155x87#dearcoronavirus – a message of hope

Lives are disrupted, damaged or lost. Economies devastated; plans destroyed. The pandemic of 2020 will never be forgotten. But what if, in the midst of fear and anxiety, the Church provides a message of hope.

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TED worship Words of Hope – TED Leaders react to coronavirus pandemic

 With school and churches shut, travel clampdowns world-wide, self-isolation and social distancing becoming the new norm, the Trans-European Division has responded with Words of Hope in a video released today.

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matthew meijer unsplash

Coronavirus, God and each other

When Coronavirus stops church there is time for reflection.

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ted office buildingTED Events cancelled over Coronavirus

Over the past 6 weeks, Coronavirus or COVID-19 has spread from China around the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now declared it to be a pandemic. As Christians, we have a responsibility to care for others and each other, creating safe working and meeting environments.

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Featured Articles
anthony delanoix unsplash

How God is there

There’s so much more than what you see, how God is there, you can now hear His voice again.

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djurdjica boskovic unsplash working from homeCoping in Quarantine or Isolation

Recommendations on how to cope with being in quarantine or isolation.

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washing hands with soap
Recommendations regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

How is the infection spread? Droplets containing the virus are spread from the mouth of infected individuals. when they cough, sneeze or talk.

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a man waring a mask
TED advice on COVID–19, health and mission

With an increase in the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in certain European countries, particularly northern Italy, the Trans-European Division is reiterating the advice given by the General Conference Health department.

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andrew seaman unsplash - pewsConsidering reopening your church?

Here are a few points to take into consideration if you are considering reopening your church.

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olia gozha unsplash155x87

Women's Ministries Resources

How to take a spiritual retreat without leaving your front door, a lesson on Dinah and more.

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signs of times
 Facing the Crisis with Confidence

The Signs of the Times Truth Matters special edition shares a piece on the coronavirus pandemic as a practical and spiritual response to the most significant global health crisis of the 21st century.

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bring joy to your servant lord

Inspiring Bible Verses

Sindre Hammersbøen of Hope Channel Norway has created an album of easily translatable inspiring Bible verses. 

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icor icon edited

Living our Values in Lockdown

A booklet that gives you some practical tips of how to live Christ's values during the lockdown.

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#COVIcorona virus kids illustrationBOOK – Supporting and reassuring children around the world
A short book to support and reassure our children, under the age of 7, regarding the COVID-19. This book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions arising from the current situation.
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kate macate unsplash'A letter from God'

Ranelagh church in Dublin started a great initiative - each week the CM department posts encouraging words as a 'Letter from God' and they then make the Art&Crafts enclosed.

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nci unsplash

Children's resources

These are trying times. But during trying times people become very creative.

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Video Resources


the holt school flowers 155

Words of Hope 13: A pastoral response to triple murder

Following a fatal triple stabbing in Forbury Gardens, Reading, England, the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the area offer a compassionate and sensitive response.

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#dearcoronavirus - nothing more to say

#dearcoronavirus 12: Nothing more to say!

In our final #dearcoronavirus video we challenge the emptiness this virus brings with the resilience of the human spirit. 

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words of hope 11 screenshot

TED Words of Hope 11: Joy, thankfulness and opportunity

Discover how a new virtual art form is infiltrating the Trans-European Division office. Explore learning opportunities as Newbold deals with a closed campus but an open mind, and Patrick Johnson's pointers on renewing Sabbath in last week's episode, following with Victor Hulbert who takes to the countryside to discover how it works.

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dearcoronavirus racism
#dearcoronavirus 11: Racism is a virus

While coronavirus is bad, what may be worse is the attitudes some people have had to those they think may cause or spread it. Our theme this week is Love, not hate.

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#dearcoronavirus 10: Putting anxiety to bed

We are keen for a return to normality, but as we wait for that day, here are some thoughts and tips to help reduce our anxiety.

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words of hope 10 screenshot TED Words of Hope 10: Sabbath, church, and mission – the post-lockdown view 

In TED Words of Hope 10, we ask, "What should church be like after lockdown?" "Has an ‘enforced’ rest modified the way we look at Sabbath?" "How about mission? Will we do it differently?"

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dearcoronavirus unmasked

#dearcoronavirus 9: Unmasked!

The latest #dearcoronavirus clip #9 asks about your passionate dream and stands in solidarity with all those struggling in the unfortunate world of Coronavirus.

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words of hope 9 - pathfinders

TED Words of Hope 9: Creativity, Pathfinders, and the meaning of care.

We rejoice in the creativity of Pathfinders and their leaders and then share a very moving and powerful interview with a nurse who volunteered to work with some of the most seriously ill COVID-19 patients.

Watch the video

words of hope and peace

TED Words of Hope 8: Special VE edition

This special extended edition of TED Words of Hope reflects on VE day and peace as Pastor Victor Hulbert’s devotional thought jumps back to some of our Adventist pioneers and the positive way they dealt with conflict.
TED President, Raafat Kamel also shares how he lives a positive life in lockdown.

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#dearcoronavirus 8: Call your Mum!

Sunday, 10 May is Mother’s Day in many parts of the world! We love and honour our mothers – so stepping slightly back from #dearcoronavirus, this week, we appreciate mothers.

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#Dear Coronavirus 7

#dearcoronavirus 7: Big thanks to key workers

In this #dearcoronavirus #7 we offer thanks to key workers, ordinary people who are providing a service that we often take for granted! We think your viewers will enjoy this fast-paced edition – and see if you can spot a minority language from one of the smaller countries.

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words of hope 7TED Words of Hope 7

How have your parental skills developed during lockdown and how has online church been a benefit to you, and especially your children?

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Words of Hope 6

TED Words of Hope 6

Victor Hulbert talks with Nenad Jepuranović regarding church, finance and mission, shares worship around the Trans-European Division and learns the true meaning of hope with Pastor Paul Lockham.

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you are not alone

#dearcoronavirus 6: Comfort for the grieving

In #dearcoronavirus #6 we hear from two people who have lost a loved one to this deadly virus – and give a silent tribute to support all those who have suffered loss.

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coronavirus medical professionals

#dearcoronavirus 5: Meet our medical heroes

The latest in the viral social media series #dearcoronavirus visits with medical staff from 15 countries to share their commitment and passion during this difficult time.

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words of hope 5

TED Words of Hope 5

Deana and Judy share some of the exciting things that have been happening around the Trans-European Division over the Easter break, while Zlatko reinforces that 'perfect love drives out fear'. 

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coronavirus loneliness

#dearcoronavirus 4: Lonely?
The GAiN Europe network in cooperation with IAD presents #dearcoronavirus 4: Lonely? Another video letter that raises reality and hope.

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words of hope 4

TED Words of Hope 4

Meet Clair Sanches and find some Easter resources for your children. Listen to an original composition that shares hope, and join Raafat Kamal as he masters Zoom and shares a seasonal message.

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Coronavirus 3 - pedro torres

#dearcoronavirus 3: You got me

In part 3 of #dearcoronavirus we hear from real people who are dealing with being infected - but who can still share hope.

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TED staff video screenshot

TED office staff challenge #dearcoronavirus

Trans-European staff wanted to send a very strong message to friends and supporters in mission: We are still together. We support you, and we are thankful for what you are doing.

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dear grandparents video

#dearcoronavirus 2: Grandparents

You are not alone! In these days of coronavirus, we send you a message of love - a message from your grandchildren - all over the world.

Watch the video.

more words of hopCoronavirus: More words of Hope

Social isolation is not stopping Adventists from sharing hope. Quarantined at home, Victor Hulbert remotely hosts 3 guests: Karen Holford gives tips on overcoming anxiety, Tihomir Lazic has ideas to improve your online ministry, and Audrey Andersson tries to become invisible - while reflecting on a Psalm.

Watch the video.

#dearcoronavirus: A letter from around the world

Lives are disrupted, damaged or lost. Economies devastated; plans destroyed. The pandemic of 2020 will never be forgotten. But what if, in the midst of fear and anxiety, we stand united, around the world, a message of hope. #dearcoronavirus

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Coronavirus: Words of Hope
Coronavirus: Words of Hope

It is time to bring hope! Leaders from the Trans-European Division office share how thankfulness and hope are still an important part of our lives during the current pandemic. Self-filmed on smart-phones by 4 individuals in 3 locations.

Watch the video


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